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taylor, carter and aaron’s reaction walking in to the room. :-)

Imagine: You have your eyes faced against the wall and you’re changing out of the clothes you wore at Magcon. Since Magcon was over, you and the boys were going to hang out in Cameron’s room, watch movies and eat pizza. You had the music blasting in your room so you couldn’t hear anything when Taylor, Carter, and Aaron opened the door. You were in your black lace underwear and you unclasped your bra right when they opened the door.

Their reactions:

Taylor: Taylor couldn’t help himself. He knew that if he stared at you any longer he was going to run up to you and start banging you against the wall. Just the thought about him having sex with you was making him insanely horny. He could practically hear the orgasms you would have with him in his ears, despite how loudly you were playing your music. He couldn’t control himself. He felt a boner grow in his pants and he had to get out of there. He didn’t want to boys to laugh at him so he did his best to try to hide it.

Carter: Carter stared at you, he wanted to get a good look at you as much as he could. *As you can see in the second gif his eyes move up and down* Carter also thought about him just running up to you and just begin to have sex. Since he had more control than Taylor, Carter embraced the moment. He thought about the curves on your body, how your ass looked cute and perky in your underwear, how you gently let your bra fall to the ground. Everything you did he wanted to remember that forever. 

Aaron: *Notice how Aaron comes into the room chuckling to himself in the second gif* Aaron saw the boner inside Taylor’s pants and automatically wanted to know what was happening. Aaron walked into the room with wide eyes not knowing what he was about to see. He saw your body and he instantly though: “Daaaamn. Y/N’s gotta good personality and a HOT body!” He wanted you all to himself, but he knew that would be selfish of him. Instead he was just speechless. Everything seemed to be perfectly still for him. Man was his face red when you showed up in Cameron’s room.

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probably the best post on tumblr

yo wtf i didn’t ask for you to write a fucking novel on my post

brandy omg^

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